About Us

About Us

Only the Good News contributors are 100% independent and believe in spending their time in the pursuit of positive news stories – their aim is to share the love!

A message from the founder of Only the Good News, Elise Hawthorne:

“If Only the Good News inspires people to lead a more positive and generous life then my work is done.”



Elise Hawthorne Editor In Chief and Publisher is a seasoned communications, marketing and social media manager and event producer who is addicted to the mass media in all of its forms.  From Australia Day, Sydney, Sydney Olympics, Fashion Week, Australian Garden Show Sydney, Protect our Coral Sea, Earth Hour, the Big Day Out to the International Whaling Commission to name just a few, Elise has been there, done that!

Elise has worked with some wonderful people over the years including but luckily not limited to environmentalist Dr Sylvia Earle, tennis legend Pat Rafter, musician John Williamson, actress Isabel Lucas, around the world solo sailor Jess Martin, author Tim Winton, model Kristy Hinze, designer Akira Isogawa, ex Australian Governor General Sir William Deane to ex Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.  Their stories as well as her experience working with organisations that have a commitment to social justice, the environment and human rights, has inspired her to establish Only the Good News to focus on and spread positive news stories from around the world.


Mona Helen Preuss is a freelance writer who has covered topics from Michael Graves to motorcycles, olive oil to oligarchies, and hard drives to hard tack. “Challenge me,” she says. Her passport is current and her bag is by the door. When at home in San Francisco, California, Mona Helen revisits recipes in her test kitchen and blogs about the perils of parenting. “What’s next?” is her favourite question.


Dijanna Mulhearn is a seasoned fashion writer and the author of Wardrobe 101: Creating your perfect core wardrobe. With over 20 years experience she has written for top fashion magazines such including Harper’s BAZAAR, Studio and Grazia, wrote the long-running Wardrobe 101 fashion page in the Sydney Morning Herald, has styled A-list celebrities in fashion, film and music, conducted corporate workshops for recruitment agencies, financial institutions, legal firms, retailers and shopping centres. Dijanna has worked with a variety of leading fashion brands from Prada to Target and understands how to create head turning looks no matter what your budget.

“My fashion philosophy is that clothes should reflect your style and communicate your message to the world. It’s my job to teach you the language of fashion so you can tailor your look to suit your personality. Don’t work for fashion, make fashion work for you”. www.wardrobe101.com.au


 Brenda Janschek is a certified health and lifestyle coach. She is a speaker, presenter, wellness blogger, and a busy mother of two. She is an avid spokesperson for children’s health, nutrition and family wellbeing, passionately bringing scrumptious goodness & positive well being into the homes of families throughout Australia. She is the creator of Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle and you can connect with her via her Facebook Community, Twitter and Instagram@brendajanschek.


Jenny Cottle has been a passionate environmentalist since childhood, championing preservation, restoration and improvement of the natural environment.  As an educator, she has been a leader in her schools in environmental education and an active member of an educator environmental network.  Over the years she has worked as a volunteer for many environmental causes and has travelled to Malaysia, Borneo and China to work with endangered animals.


Bret Harding admits to being 52 years of age and tells anyone who will listen (but can’t see him) that he is a long distance runner who looks like Brad Pitt.  A survivor of the Sydney pub rock generation, he has a passion for music and a head made for radio.  Bret’s music tastes range from Count Basie and his Orchestra through to Hank Williams, Johnny Otis, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly & the Crickets, The Beatles, The Stones, Frank Zappa, Little Feat, Elton John and all things Punk and New Wave (old school) ….. and even some of the crap his children force upon him.  Bret resides on the Central Coast and suffers chest pains if forced to leave.  He likes walks on the beach.


Craig Priddle started his big screen movie viewing with The Sound of Music.  Watching this film more than once with his mum set two precedents that he would follow through his life – vanilla choc chip ice cream please and if a movie is good, it is worth re watching and telling everyone about it!  In the early 70s he was thrilled when television began broadcasting 24 hours a day and he filled much of the early hours of the morning watching Abbott and Costello movies. He spent the 80s in the revival and art house cinemas of Sydney, doing his mum and Julie Andrews proud.  Craig loves the good, the badass and the f-ugly that cinema produces and looks forward to sharing that love with you. Can you feel it? He’s feeling it. Craig is married with two teenage sons, and a regular family activity is movie night of course.


Sharon Hickey is a Sydney based photographer who works extensively in media, editorial, travel and promotional photography. She works photographing major Sydney events and undertakes both national and international projects and assignments. Sharon currently works on a contractual basis with the City of Sydney as one of their ‘Panel of Photographers’ and covers many major events such as the Chinese New Year Parade and Festival, which she has photographed for the past 13 years.

Her passion for the arts has led to various commissions from galleries to photographing materials for major travelling exhibitions and most recently a hard cover book on the Wombarra Sculpture Garden for Australian sculptor Gaby Porter. Sharon exhibits her own work on a regular basis in Australia with the most recent being at Customs House, Sydney and has also exhibited in New York.  She runs photography courses for the international travel company Imaginative Traveller. Sharon is co-director of the newly formed Aperture Club, where she has established educational programs to share her skills with other photographers, amateurs and beginners wanting to share and explore their passion of photography. www.sharonhickey.com.au


Anna Kahan‘s business card bears the description ‘Consultant’. When asked what she consults in, her reply is “what have you got?” Much more interesting than management, and probably more accurate, given the wide range of her activities. Community activist, volunteer, Board member, business woman, mature age student, sometime writer, among others. “Life can be pretty bleak if you don’t look for the heart and humour in whatever it serves you up”.

She considers herself truly fortunate in the wide range of wonderful, warm characters she meets in her various incarnations, too many of them she sees as Unsung Heroes whose stories really deserve telling.


Lisa Newey has been a bookworm, movie fiend, theatre aficionado, music fan and television addict for as long she can remember. She has managed to parlay her passions into various stages of her career, and has secret dreams of writing an Oscar-winning screenplay (well, maybe not so secret now). A wife and mother of two, Lisa is also known as someone who can’t say no to a good volunteering opportunity, a chance to promote social justice causes, or a cheeky glass of bubbles.